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Monday, December 19th, 2005
9:23 pm - long time
So I haven't updated since like homecoming. That was a long time ago. Me & Hunter were still together..or talking, or whatever. We were practically dating, now we aren't. Long story, it doesn't matter though. There's this guy that I met, well I met him at Hunter's and saw him over the summer at summer school(i wasn't there cause i failed..figured that might sound strange). But I've been talking to him for a couple days..not dating talking but you know what I mean. He's been like real nice, and REAL nice..almost too nice in a strange way. It's not bad, just way weird. He bought me something for X-mas, which is strange. But anyways..I don't know what's up with that. I'll just take things as they come. I'm out for the holidays..yay, I'm just worried about getting my report card...lol. Well life goes on whatever it is.

My how things change...
x Full Name: Caroline Elizabeth Ondrey
x Birthday: April 17
x Zodiac: Aries
x What time is it?: 9:28 PM
x What is the date?: December 19
x Other Names Your Parents Considered: Emily, Elizabeth, Catherine

--------------------Standard Stuff----------------------------

x School: Monroe County High School
x E-mail: caroline_ondrey7@hotmail.com
x Eyes: green
x Hair: brown
x Height: 5'5..maybe 5'6
x Shoe Size: 7.5
x Who lives with you? parents and 1 brother...and a dog
x When is your bedtime? whenever

--------------------In the Last 24 Hours-----------------------

x Cried: yeah
x Worn jeans: yes
x Met someone new: mm..no
x Done laundry: yeah
x Cursed: yep
x Watched a Movie: no
x Went to the movies: no
x Went shopping: well, at wal-mart
x Gotten sick: no
x Been kissed: no
x Given a kiss: nope
x Lied: yeah

----------------------Have You Ever-------------------------

x Missed school cause of weather: yeah
x Lit yourself on fire: haha, lol..but i've burned my self with hair appliances billions of times
x Kept a secret from everybody: for a while
x Had an imaginary friend: yeah, when i was little
x Ever been in love w/ a friend: ..yeah
x Cried during a Movie? yes
x Had crush on an teacher? haha, i guess..but i wouldnt call it an actual cruch
x Been on stage: yes
x Cut your own hair: lol yeah
x Done drugs: just smoked once
x Seen a murder: no
x Seen a naked man in the flesh: lol..well not completely naked, well i have on tv
x Seen a naked woman in the flesh: yeah

------------------------Your Firsts------------------------------

x First best friend: i don't remember the people from where i used to live...but from here, morgan
x First car: havent gotten that yet
x First real date: i really dont know
x First real break-up: brandon
x First self purchased album: no clue
x First piercing/tattoo: my ears..3rd grade maybe
x First enemy: i dont know
x First big trip: disney world, lol..no i'd actually say my europe trip
x First Kiss: um it was like 8th grade..hunter
x First failing grade: chemistry, but not on my report card

----------------------In the Last Week -------------------

x Been mean: yeah
x Been sarcastic: yes
x Talked to someone you have a crush on: um..i guess
x Hugged someone: yes
x Fought with your parents: not fought
x Got in an argument with your best friend: no
x Laughed until you cried: no
x Played Truth or Dare: nope
x Watched a sunrise/sunset: no
x Went to the beach at night: no

-------------------Who Did this Last-----------------

x Called you: Tyler
x Slept in your bed: me
x Saw you cry: i don't know
x Made you cry: no one, just what me & tyler were talkin about
x Made you laugh: tyler..or the tv
x You shared a drink with: sarah
x You went to the movies with: hannah & haley
x Went to dinner with: ansley, jackie, sarah
x Bought you something: i dunno..tyler said he bought me something today
x Sent you an email: myspace e-mails probably

-------------------------- Extras -----------------------------

x Black or white?: white
x TV or movie?: movie
x Cat or dog?: dog
x Walmart or target?: target
x Spring or Fall?: Spring
x Sun or rain?: sun
x What are you gonna do after this?: take a bth or shower
x What was the last meal you ate?: um BK, i dunno
x High school or college?: high school
x Are you bored?: kind of
x Last TV show you watched?: 7th heaven
x Last movie you saw in theaters?: Just Friends
x Last noise you heard?: msn pop up thing
x Last smell you smelled?: um..some vanilla body splash


x Shampoo: aussie, as of right now..but i switch sometimes
x Favorite color: green
x Summer/Winter/Fall/Spring: summer
x Favorite Cartoon Character: goofy
x Favorite Fast Food: taco bell
x Favorite Movies: gone with the wind
x Favorite sport: cheerleading/gymnastics & baseball to watch

---------------------What are You?-------------------------

x Wearing: jeans & teal shirt
x Thinking about: its freezing
x Listening to: nothing righ tnow

------------------------Have You Ever 2-----------------------

x Been to Canada?: no
x Danced Naked?: haha, yeah
x Skinny dipped?: yep
x Stalked someone?: well not really
x Snuck out?: yeah
x Wished you were the opposite sex?: no

------------------------ Random ----------------------------

x Are you bored?: somewhat
x Are you lonely?: not really
x Are you happy?: yeah to a certain extent
x Do you drink?: sometimes
x Who named you?: parents
x When was the last time you showered?: today
x What color pants do you have on right now?: blue jeans
x What song are you listening to right now?: nothing
x What color is your shirt?: teal
x What is right next to you?: lamp..and a bunch of stuff
x What is your computer desk made of?: wood
x What are the last 4 digits in your phone number?: home-5788, cell-5101
x Are you eating anything?: no
x What did you do last night?: talked on the phone for an hour, and then stayed up on msn till 2 in the morning
x How are you are you today?: pretty good

------------------------- Extras 2----------------------------

x Do you have your license?: permit..lol, ill get that in april
x What book are you reading now?: none, i was reading pride & prejudice...now i have to read oliver twist for school
x Nickname: c, c-line..& something hannah & sarah came up with but i can't remember
x Pets: 1 dog
x Siblings: 1 younger brother
x Have you ever been so drunk you didn't remember that you were drunk: nope
x Taken any illegal substances: for my age..but that's it
x Gone out in public in your pajamas: yeah most likely
x Played ding-dong-ditch?: yep
x Wanted to hook up with a friend/date them: yes
x Did something illegal?: haven't we all lol
x Did you get caught?: no
x Gotten arrested?: no
x Gotten a ticket for something?: no
x Prank called someone: yes

---------------------Do You Believe In----------------------

x Yourself: yeah
x Santa Claus: never
x Tooth Fairy: no
x Destiny/Fate: pretty much
x Angels: yes
x God: yes
x Bigfoot: no

--------------------Friends and Life------------------------

x Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?: no
x Do you like anyone?: um, not quite..lol
x What's the best feeling in the world: loving someone and them loving you back just as much
x Worst Feeling: hearbreak, the cold
x Worst fear: being used in a relationship & elevators
x Time now: 9:59 PM


x Last car ride: today
x Last good cry: well really good cry was a while ago..but last time a cried wa slike 1 in the morning
x Last library book checked out: mozart
x Last beverage drank: water
x Last shoes worn: wallabes
x Last thing bought: toothpaste, saline solution, razors, & gum
x Last annoyance: the temperature
x Last disappointment: umm i dont know
x Last time scolded: saturday night
x Last shirt worn: white teethe one im wearing now
x Last website visited: myspace

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Monday, October 10th, 2005
1:53 pm
As usual it's been a while since I've updated. I know some people really don't want to read this, that's what free will is for. But anyways, here's an update on my life from the past couple of weeks. I won't give every little detail from two weeks ago because that's alot. I do remember two Mondays ago I went to the field after school with Hunter for a football game for a bit and then went to gymnastics. The rest of the week was school, and probably the majority of those days Hunter came over and we did math homework or did whatever. Friday night was a football game at home, and it rained horribly. Afterward I went home and slept. The next morning I cleaned like Momma asked me to. I finished that as soon as I could and watched Alabama play. So I watched that until the end of the third quarter, and knowing that we would win me and Hunter left to go the tiny mite game in Uriah. AFter the game we came back to my house and played ping pong and a game of football between the two of us, lol. Sunday me, momma, and my brother went to Spanish Fort. There I got a dress for homecoming, a shirt that was on sale that I had wanted forever from American Eagle, 2 pair of shoes, and some makeup. After we left the mall I went to an interview for this group called People to People Ambassadors. It's this thing where a groupd of high school students are picked for this delegation and they get to go do different countries. This year they're going to China. I get to go, but I just have to raise ALOT of money. But it'll be exciting, because I get to go almost every major place in China for 17 days. We'll get to learn how to cook Chinese food, learn Kung Fu, walk the Great Wall, see the pandas, and all sorts of other stuff. We ate after that and then came home. Monday was school, which was Hawaiian Day. I had practics and gymnastics afterwards, and then hunter came over I think. Tuesday was Hillbilly Day..that's all I remember. Wednesday was 70's Day, and Thursday was Tacky Day. Thursday I went to the Chicken Stip Dinner, and then the Pep-Rally. Friday at school we didn't do anything because it was homecoming. Me & Hannah did the three-legged race during homecoming activities. We didn't do horribly, but over-all our class didn't do so well. But it'll be ok, because we won last year, and Freshman never win. After shcool, I came home and got ready and then went to the game. After the gmae I came hoem and got ready real quick, and then Hunter came by to change and we went to the dance. It was a little hard to get him to dance, but I finally got him to..but I didn't dance so much myself. We left kind of early and went to Taco Bell, but it was closed inside..and we diodn't want to go through drive through. So we just rode aroudn for a while until he had to take me home. I went to Kay's after that, and there we just talked for a little bit, and then we went to sleep. Saturday morning we just sat around and watched t.v. and ate cereal and whatever else there was to eat. We then went walking to the railroad tracks which ended up leading to behind Sarah's house. So we went to Sarah's so she could get some shoes, but she ended up having to stay home anyways, and then i had to go home so I could go to the church to practice for a skit for Sunday. I did that then came home. That night Hunter came over and we watched some baseball, and just sat around talking. Sunday I went to church then to Wal-Mart. Sarah stayed over, then today we went to movie gallery and got Alot Like Love. It was good from what I watched, but I slept most of the time. Now here I am. I am about to shower, and then I'm gonna go to my brother's jr. high football game. Tata!

current mood: content

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Monday, September 26th, 2005
1:11 pm
Soo..today's Monday and a new week of school. Woo hoo, exciting huh? Yeah..well I guess I'll just tell you about my past week and weekend. Monday was school of course. I went to gymnastics that night, and then came home, and Hunter came over and we watched part of Fever Pitch and then played some football video game. Tueseday I had school, and maybe cheerleading, I can't remember. No..I didn't. I left sometime that afternoon to go to the football game in Shaw. I was a great game. We went into overtime but sadly, we lost by two points in the end. Wednesday..I went to school, and then came home and slept and went to piano. Thursday was school and cheerleading. Friday...school, and then we had a came in hillcrest. I first came home to get ready, and then Hunter came over for a bit. I then went to the game, and we won. =D I went right to bed after that, and then Saturday morning I went to the school at 8 for a cheerleading clinic for little girls. some of the girls were so cute. but Anyways..we got done at 11:30, and then I came home and slept for a while. That night Nicki Jo, Hunter, Sara, Jason, and Austin came over, and we watched The Longest Yard. That's a pretty good movie I might add. I suggest you to watch it if you haven't seen it. Sunday I went to church as usual, and then went to Sarah's. Later I went to Pizza Hut with Sara, Ward, and Stephen. After I came home I din't do anything really, until later when Hunter came over so we could do math homework. That was about it for my weekend. Today I went to school, and then around 6 I have gymnastics. hunter might come over and do homework again, but other than that..that's all I've been up to.

Next week is homecoming! Yay...that's the best week of school ever.

Well anyways..tata!

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Sunday, September 18th, 2005
8:26 pm
It's been forever since I've updated, so I'm not gonna even try to remember what I've done since then..for one, it's too much, and second of all, I doubt most people care about the past 2 weeks or so. I'll just start with last Monday. The whole week was pretty much just school, except I got out of a few classes in the morning a couple of days for some orientations. Monday night was gymnastics as usual, and I almost have my back handspring down pretty good. Tuesday was practice I think like normal. Wednesday I had practice after school, and then I went to piano a bit later. Thursday w ehad a pep-rally, which didn't turn out very good. It all started with something the band did, which really pissed us off. I came home after that, and then got online to register for the ACT, and then got ready. AK came and got me, and we headed off to the school for the game. The game was fun as usual, but we played Blount and did horrible. Friday night I went to the M.A. game with some people, and I had fun. That's always a plus. I came home, being that I had to get up early Saturday, and Mom wanted me home. I stayed up watching a great movie on Lifetime. I got up Saturday morning and went to the softball workday. We worked on our field some in the blazing sun, and I finally came home at like 12 or so. I called to Kay, and I went over there to watch the Alabama game with her. That night, I went to the Ellis's and babysat. I wasn't so bored though like usual. It was the only time when the kid actually wanted to do something the whole time I was there. Sunday, well today, was church. I came home and went to Sarah's. We decided to go swimming, so I came home to change. I talked to Hunter and planned on possibly doing something with him later on. I then went swimming, and then came home, showered, did homework, and then went to Wal-Mart. I came home, and did more homework, and then fell asleep a bit later. I saw that Hunter called and texted me, so I texted him back..but unfortunately our plans fell throuhg. But anyways..nothing to exciting has been goin gon I know..I just wanted to update. I would go on about something random and stupif going on in my life, but nothing to much is going on, and I'm being lazy now. I must go read my biography.

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Wednesday, September 7th, 2005
9:07 pm
Well, I of course don't remember alot fo the stuff since my last update, but I'll try my best. i think I updated not this past weekend..but the last. But anyways..the next couple of days I just stayed home because of the hurricane. Luckily we didn't get the worst of it. I really feel sorry for the people in Mississippi and Louisiana. We went back to school that Wednesday, and school that week wasn't to anything out of the ordinary. Our game was cancled that Friday night, so I went to Old Mexico to eat and then to the M.A. game. M.A. lost..haha, okay, I'm mean I know...sorry. Well at the end of the game there was a crisis, and I shouldn't go into detail or explain what it was, but it irritated me, but Sarah if you read htis I still love you, and you're my best friend. Saturday, I went to help organize clothes for hurricane evacuees. That night I went to Brandon's house for Patti's birthday party. I had lots fun, which I didn't expect. the reasons why.. I won't go into. Sunday, I went to church, and then helped organize clothes some more. On Monday I babysat, and then I came home and napped and watched Lifetime all day. I cooked sweet and sour chicken for my family, and recieved lovely compliments. So I was proud. Afterwards, I went to Kay's..whichw as of course quite exciting as always. Me, Kay, and Brandon tried to see who could fit the most grapes in their mouths..:S weird, I know..but in the middle of it all Brandon had to tell a story which made Kay burst into laughter which made grapes spew out of her mouth everywhere, which me laught at her, and then there were more grapes everywhere. So that was a big mess. Well anyways that was the hight light of my Monday night. More went on over at Kay's, most consisting of smoothies, banana splits, spotlight, and ebamsworld..nothing new. Tuesday I went back to school and cheering. that wasn't new. Today was the same, except no cheering, and afer school I got my haircut. It's short again, yay. And I ahve pictures tomorrow. So I've been pretty dandy lately..and fall is coming, and I love the weather now. I love usmmer but having it cool and not so humid outside is also great. Well..I'm gonna run now. Tata!

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Saturday, August 27th, 2005
10:30 pm
Here's a review of my wonderful week starting from Monday. So, I went to school, which was just like any other day at school, and then to gymnastics that night at 6 until 7. It was fun, of course..and I almost have my backhandspring down good. After that Jackie and I went to the Y planning on working on our backhandsprings in the aerobics room. We got there and soon found out that there was a karate class in there. So we couldn't go in there, where the mats were, and we had nowhere else to practice. I then suggested going into the nursery. Jackie agreed, and we went in there and moved the table and everything out of our way. I decided I would try mine first. I didn't want to do it by myself yet, so Jackie "spotted" me. I came to find out that having Jackie spot you is like having no spot at all. Why I didn't figure that out earlier, I have no clue. I started to flip over and then..I hit my head on the ground. It sounded like somthing cracked, but I was completely fine, and it didn't hurt at all. We stopped and then talked to people at the fron for a while until 8 when the class got out. We raced back there and got the mats out and turned up some jazzy tunes. I tried my backhandspring again, but it wasn't to great. So I stopped, and we practiced aerials and jumps. We did that for about 30 minutes and then left to go home. Tueseday was school and cheerleading, and that was it. Wednesday..school and piano. Thursday I went to school and then came home, went to Wal-Mart for candy, and then headed over to Kimbo's. We ate supper, and then we put our gifts together for the football players. I stayed for a little while longer just to hang out with everyone, but decided not to stay because I had some more tests to study for. Friiiday..gameday, I went to school, and the majority of it was just same ole' same ole', but then 7th period was the pep-rally. It was fun, they'll get better as the year goes on though. I went home, showerd, got dressed for the game, then AK came and got me early at 5 so we could tailgate with a bunch of folks. Well we were there early and didn't get to eat. then I put up signs with the cheerleaders and then I cheered for the rest of the game. I was exciting, and we won! =D I went to Kay's after the game, and we stayed up all night playing a game we thought up which evolved into one of the best converstaions I've ever had. It all consisted of joking, and a large amount of laughing and crying. I know I've got some great friends that I can really talk to. After that whole ordeal was done we made some tortillas filled with an odd arangement of food. Kay picked it out..it ended up being okay though. Finally between 3 and 4 we went to bed. Today we went to the square, and spend most of the afternoon looking the two thrift stores, and walking aroudn the square. At the store I got some blue and white polka dot pajama pants, and 3 t-shirts. I love my shirts. I came home then, and rested, and then around 8 Ward came and got me, and I went over there with a bunch of people. Now I'm here, and I really need to get some sleep.

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Sunday, August 21st, 2005
8:19 pm
So last week, I just went to school everyday, and th week flew by so fast. Some of it's boring of course, but for the most part, it's going pretty well. I must say my favorite class is English. I usually don't like English, but every assignment we've been given so far, it's been creative stuff. Luckily I love to read because we have to read so many books this year in that class. This month I've got to read a biogrophy or and autobiography, so I picked out a book about Mozart. Well..anyways, I know I sound like a total bookworm or nerd. Anyways, throughout the week I went to cheerleading practice, gymnastics, piano, the football dinner, and painted signs for the game. I'm so glad I have something to do everyday. Friday after school I worked on my scrapbook from my Europe trip a couple of years ago that I never finished making, accompanied by Sarah. I stayed home that night and slept in until almost noon on Saturday. I of course hung out with Sarah as always most of the afternoon, and then Hannah came over around 10 that night, and the both of them stayed over. This morning we went to church and then came home and ate some lunch. We watched t.v. all day, and then wanted to make some fired pickles and onion rings, so we went to Sarah's to make them. We made them, and the were great. Later, Hannah left, and me and me and Sarah just hung out and I fell asleep at her house. I woke up and came home around 7 or so. I ate, and studied for my Algebra II test, which I have to finish taking tomorrow because we didn't get done with it Friday. I've come to like that class, but I just like math for some reason. Yes, I'm strange. Not i'm tired, and will probably get to sleep a bit earlier tonight since I have school once again. I don't want to go, but in a way I'm looking forward to it. Anna has a new foreign exchange student, and I want to meet her..lol. We have two other foreign exchange students; one is from Spain, and one is from Korea. I only know the Spanish one, and she's real nice. Tomorrow I have gymnastics, and then me and Jacki are going to go to the Y to work out and work on our backhandsprings. Well anyways..that's all for now. Tata!

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Monday, August 15th, 2005
7:56 pm
There isn't too much to hoop and hollar about from this past weekend, but it was fun. Friday I went to school all day, and then that night I went with Sarah to Subway and then we worked on the scrapbook we were making for Sara and Kay. Then I just stayed the night over there. Saturday...We finally finished the last few pages of the scrapbook, and then we went to Wal-Mart so we could get Logan something for h is birthday. We looked around, and ended up buying him the most awesome things ever. I got him a Pez dispencer, and Sarah got him the movie Jack In The Beanstalk. Why she picked that movie out, I don't know. We came back, and then we went to Rite Aid soon after that and picked up some pictures that I had been wating for forever. I was a happy girl. Once I came back, it was aroudn6 or so, sooo I got ready for Logan's and then went to Sarah's. Kay and Sara us met us there, and we gave them the scrapbook. They loved it. :> The four of us left for the party around kind of late..7:40, but we got there close to 8. Not as many people were there this year, but it was still fun. Most everybody left around 11, and I went home. That was the last time I got to see Sara and Kay before they left for ASMS. They left yesterday, and I really miss them. :( But they will be home alot of weekends and every summer, so it'll be okay. The rest of the day I finished some homework and did alot of laundry. I stayed up kind of late fiddling with some stuff on the computer. Today I woke up and AK picked us up for shcool again. Today was a pretty good day, except for that I didn't do as well as I wanted to on my Algebra II test from Friday, and it was waaay hot and humid outside 7th period during Cheerleading. I came home, did some homework, and then went to gymnastics. Afterwards, I went with Mom to Food World, where I sat in the car and waited on her to buy ice cream and popsicles. While I was there I saw Caitlan, who I hadn't seen since lifeguard training, and we talked for a while. She is so nice, and I'm so glad I bumped into her. But anyways....I must go finish my math and shower.

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Thursday, August 11th, 2005
5:14 pm
Well, last week was sadly the last week of summer. It wasnt't extrememly exciting, nor was it boring. Dylan, Sarah's friend from Washington came down, and he left this Tueseday. While he was here, we just hung out, and he talked me and Sarah into watching the Matrix. I hadn't seen it, nor planned to see it, assuming I wouldn't like it. I liked it, but it wasn't wonderful. Saturday we went to Brandon's, and then Sunday we just went to church and then planned on going to the pool with a bunch of people, being the last day of summer, but that didn't work out. So...Monday, I woke up bright and early, and then Anna picked up me and Sarah. We went to Burger King first, and then headed off to school. I was so glad to see everyone I hadn't seen in forever. Most of the day was boring, but it wasn't too horrible. Spanish of course was boring, and I can't wait to finish this last year of it. Second period, I ended up not having a class, because my schedule is locked in and confusing. I ended up staying in the office all day, and never got to talk to her. So the rest of the day was just normal and boring. I discoverd that I'm probably not gonna like the new Algebra II teacher, but I'll get over it. I went to gymnastics that night, and I loved it. Every other time I go, I don't know anyone. Now I'm just with the majority of the cheerleaders. Then Tuesday at school I finally talked to Mrs. Steel again. It ended up being that I would be taking Drama. So, Wednesday I went to Drama, and it was pretty fun. But..I didn't have an English class still, so I talked to Mrs. Steele again yesterday, and I had to drop that and take Senior English, which will just count for my 10th grade English. So I finally got my schedule straightened out for good. So I went to English today, and I really enjoyed it. I have to do a diamante poem tonight, but so far I'm looking forward to it. Truth be told, I kind of like Mrs. White now..the Algebra II teacher, which sounds ridiculous, I know, but, it's true. Cheerleading practice was this afternoon, and it was so hot and humid. I really don't think I have sweated so much in my life. So, right when I got home, I got in the shower, and now I feel so much better. Tomorrow I think I'm gonna try and work on Sara and Kay's gift since they are leaving Sunday morning. It's so sad. School is so different without them, and I'm really gonna miss them. It's only and hour or so away..but still. Well now I need to go to Wal-Mart. :>

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Monday, August 1st, 2005
8:52 pm
This is gonna be just like any other entry of mine, but whatever. I think I last updated Wednesday or something. During that time, I finally got my schedule for school. It's not too exciting..all normal advanced classes with a couple of electives, but that's it. It consists of:
1.Spanish II
3.U.S. History
4.Algebra II
So, Thursday I helped decorate at the community house with Kay and some others. We got done around 4 or 5, and then I showered and got ready for the party. I went to the party, and it was fun. There was much dancing and mingling done. Mr. Bob's band was good, and Logan also performed. I got all of his performances on film, except for maybe a few. I came home exhausted and went to bed soon. The next day I just sat around the house lazily until some people came over, including Katie, Sarah, Kay, Eddie, Tami-Ann, Nicki Jo, Jackie, and Ansley. We played some DDR, which hadn't been done in a while, and then just hung around watching the video from the party and from cheerleading camp. The next day, Saturday..I can't recall what I did. I wanted to go to the Teen Center with Kay and some others to watch "Stealth" I think it was, but Mom said I was out every night of the week, so I should stay home. So I rented "One Hour Photo" and "Love Actually." "One Hour Photo" was extremely weird, and I did not understand it at all, or the point of it. I thought was horrible, but not because I didn't understand it. I must sya it didn't have much of a point to it. I have yet to watch "Love Actually", but I'm about to watch it with Sarah. Yesterday, Sunday, I went to church and then to Hannah's. Taylor came over there, and they talked some stuff over while I rode around on the bike, lol. When he left we started watching an old Mary Kate and Ashley movie for no reason, other than laughter over stupidity. Well it was fun, then we got up this morning, and I went to work with her in the showroom. We did nothing all day except sat there and answered phone calls. When I got back I left for Katie's, and we did slip-n-slide of course, and then swam. I'm worn out now and must take a shower.

current mood: calm

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Wednesday, July 27th, 2005
10:05 pm
I must say I can't remember too much of what I have done recently, but I'll start off with what I can remember. This past Wednesday night I stayed with Sarah along with Katie and Sara B. We had quite the adventure I must say. We went to celebrate Kay's birthday which was quite exciting. I'm not gonna go way into detail about that whole ordeal but it was awesomely awesome. The next day we all slep forever until the early afternoon. People went home soon I did too. Thursday I just dont're remember what I did. Nor do I remember what I did Friday or Saturday. Sunday I went to church..and then I left to Pensacola with Sarah, Tandice, Katie, and Mrs. Becky. There were no taxes that day, and everything wa son sale. Well, I must sadly say I didn't find alot. I was trying to shop soem for school, but I did get a pink skirt from American Eagle for only $14.95, which was originally $30 soemthing. Afterwards we ate at Ruby Tuesdays and then watching Wedding Crashers. Now that is one funny movie. I just love it. I can't wait until it comes out on DVD. I must suggest it to everyone if they go to the movies anytime soon. So that was it for Sunday. Monday, I didn't do much, but I did play tennis. Then we swam at Sarah's. Yesterday I went to Kay's and she showed us her dresses, which I must say are lovely. Today I went to Kay's and helped her blow up baloons with NJ, Eddie, and Tammy Ann. Then I left and then I went swimming with them and Shelby, Logan, and Nathan. It was fun..but now Sarah's mom is mad because the guys jumped off the balcony. but that's it. I also got my new yellow tennis shoes today!!! Exciting, oh yes! Well tomorrow is Kathern and Sara's party. I'm gonna go help them decorate and then tomorrow night I am gonna go PARTAY! Ha..but anyways it'll be fun I'm sure.

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Monday, July 18th, 2005
1:52 pm
Well..I'm finally home from Alex city. It was only four days, but I'm just glad I'm home. It was fun. I watched lots of baseball games and got some shopping in. Thursday we arrived there, and we just ran some errands and such. I was dying to see if they had a thrift store, so I went with Mary Brooke and Sara Lee to go find one. Unfortunately it was closed. I went the next day and it was open. It wasn't the greatest one, but I did find some pretty cool shoes. They're different, and I'm sure some people won't like them, but I love them. So the rest of the weekend was just filled with lots of eating and baseball games. We came home yesterday after my brother's team lost their second game. They did good though. We stopped at Priester's and got some jelly beans, and then at Krystal to get something to eat. I love their food. So we got home finally and I went to Sarah's for a bit and then came home and ended up playing Scattegories with my brother and his friend. I stayed up until about 1 just watching T.V. and being lazy. I slept until about noon today and then ate soemthign and showered. I'll probably go to the Y with Sarah and Tandice later on and then I think I have piano and gymnastics tonight. Kay's birthday is Thursday, but she will still be grounded unfortunately, but we have surprise for her that i'm sure she will love. =D Well it's about time for me to get get my brother from golfing.

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Tuesday, July 12th, 2005
9:55 pm
Well I guess I've gotten into a habit of updating frequently, so here goes. Soo..Sunday we went to church since we didn't leave town and there was like no one was there. I'm guessing alot of people left town, but it was practically deserted. But after church we stood around talking with Sarah's family andthinking the storm would be as bad or worse than Ivan, we decided we would stay with them since they had a basement like area in there house. So we packed up some belongings and headed over there. You have no idea how much food we had with us. So the whole night we ate nonstop and sat by the window watching the weather. But, luckily in the end it was nothing like the last hurricane. We were without power the next day, so me and Sarah headed over to out wonderful friend Katherine's house. She of course had power. Unfortunately she was out running with her dad when we got there, but we just hung out with Eddie for a bit. When she got back home, Eddie soon suggested the idea of going down to the pit. I pursuaded it even more, and everyone finally gave in. We walked down there and the mud was too tempting. We ended up getting lathered up in mud head to toe, except for Kay. She missed out, unfortunately. After a while we figured we should probably head back to the house since Sarah and I had to watch Claire for Ms. Jennifer at around 3. So we finally arrive back to Kay's where my mom was impatiently waiting for us. Then for a few minutes or so we stood there listening to Mrs. Tammy scold about watching movies with bad language in them. I them come home to house with power..totally rad, lol, and I get some stuff together so I can shower at Jen's since I'm rushing. I get to her house and she has no water. So Sarah stays while I go home to shower because I still have wet muddy clothes on with a big clump of mud in my hair. I come back to Jen's to watch Claire after that, and I stay there until about 8:30. Sarah and I wanted to get together with some people and play spotlight, so we called Kay but she is now on restriction for a real stupid incident, and she shouldn't be in trouble. But I will miss talkign to Kay until she's off her "restrictions." So we decided just hang out at my house for the night. How exciting, huh? Well we didn't do to much..played some DDR, which we haven't done in a while. We talked about a billion things, but don't we always. But I think I cam to a conclusion about what I want to do about a situation in my life. Yeah I make it sound real serious, but campared to everything in life, it's not. But if I don't do it I'll probably be real bothered for a while.

So my conclusion..like anyone cares, there's this guy. And we have been "talking" or something, I really don't know because it's been like this forever. And we've hung out this summer, and it sounds kind of dumb maybe, but it somewhat just feels like a "summer fling." I mean we both have strong feelings for each other, but he is leaving in like a month. I don't know how to word it but it's like friends with benefits, but more committed maybe? I know I'll miss him when he leaves, but I don't think I feel as strongly as I did. I just feel like I need freedom and space from relationships. But when I talk to him I feel like like I can't tell him that maybe we should end it. I know I should probably end it because when I really thinking about it I know that I do, but it just gets hard to do it when I talk to him. I hate when that happens. But nay-ways I think I'm just gonna drop it and think about other things for now.

But anyways..today all I did was lay out, watch Hide and Seek, which was pretty good but werid, and bake some cookie with Sarah tonight. I sadly can't recall what else I did. But it wasn't much. I haven't done much at all thse past few days. I need to start going back to the Y, but I'll probably end up going tomorrow. Thursday I have to Alex City for my brother's baseball games. We'll at least have to stay until Friday, but we could possibly be there until Sunday. I'll enjoy myself though. I'll bring my book i'm reading and then I'll probbaly have the job of filming the game, whilch I actually enjoy. That's about all though. right now i'm talking with Melissa, who I haven't seen since school. I might just need to get up with her when I'm not doing anything. But i'm gonna get off my computer now and read maybe. *LoveLove*

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Saturday, July 9th, 2005
12:40 pm - Yippi..another hurricane
Okay so I can't remember everything I did since my last entry, but I'll start from yesterday. I went to take pictures for the football program at 8:30, and then finally got home at around 12:45. Later I cleaned and did some laundry, and then Kay called me wanting me to come play tennis with them. I went up there, and played tennis along with Kay, Sarah h., Sara B., Katie, Kay's cousin, Eddie, & Logan. As soon as I got there, I was hit with the tennis ball straight in the nose by Logan. I have to say it was pretty funny, other than the fact that there was blood everywhere. I was okay though. So after we played tennis we all crammed into Logan's car and headed back to Kay's. I soon went back to my house to get some stuff to stay the night at Kay's. When I got back we watched Bruce Almighty and just sat around eating pizza. The rest of the night we just sat around watching t.v. and doing whatever. It was around 12 or 1 when everyone got tired and decided they were ready to go to bed. I was completely awake and wanted to watch Son In Law. So Eddie and I stayed up watching that and then went to the kitchen to get some cereal. Soon after that we decided to watch Rudy. We both probably slept through half of it though. When it was over I discovered that it was already light outside. I ended up being about 5:30 when we decided we were gonna go to bed. I layed down and discovered I wasn't tired. So I took a shower around 6 something and dried my hair while eveyrone else was asleep. Afterwards I ate something and then at some point actually did get some sleep. I had planned on being awake and ready to go to Huntsville with the family for the hurricane. But after awhile Mom called saying that they had just decided to stay home. I'm actually kind of glad that I'm just staying home. It's sad that everyone in Monroeville has had things repaired on their houses and now a hurricane just as bad or workse is coming through. But nay-ways..I wanted to update before the hurricane because we will most like be without power for days or weeks.

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Wednesday, July 6th, 2005
9:52 pm
Okay so, it's only been a few days since I've updated last, but liveournal and the internet can be very tempting at times, such as this. So Monday, I went to Andalusia once again for another ballgame. My brother's team won so now we'll be traveling to Alex City on the 14th. It's been non-stop baseball most of the summer. Luckily I also get to tag along with them and go to Six Flags. After we got home Monday we went to the Taylor's to eat and such. Then Sarah, Greg, and I went up to the soccer fields and somewhat watchd the fireworks while sitting and talking with Ward, Stephen, and others who were there. I stayed with Sarah that night and I can't quite remember what we did. We didn't do much the next day except we went to they Y with Tandice and then I stayed over there again and we watched Son In Law along with a few episodes of Sex And The City. We finally went to bed, and the next morning Sarah and Austin woke me up by jumping on the top of me. The rest of the day we watched Catch Me If You Can and went to the Y again with T. I came home and ate then cleaned up a bit and talked to Kay and Hannah on the phone. Kay informed me that she tipped her hair red. I can't wait to see it..she needs to hurry up and get home. I am now watching The Real World. That show is addictive.

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Sunday, July 3rd, 2005
10:09 pm
Okay, so it's been ages since I've updated. Last time I think was when I still had my old username which was possibly before Christmas, and then I got rid of it. But anyways, alot has happened since then, so I'll just recap the past week or so. Well, last week I left for cheerleading camp in Tuscaloosa. It was loads of fun, but hard work at the same time. I don't see how some people hate camp, I love it. We also got third place in our dance routine. =D And also while I was there, I found my soul mate...if I was a lesbian, as Jackie puts it. I got back Thursday afternoon and planned on sleeping right when I got home, but I ended up unpacking the majority of my stuff and doing my laundry. Friday morning, Mom awakens me telling my I need to clean up toilet paper at of our yard because we got rolled. I was thankful enough that she had already cleaned most of it up. :) I went and got my hair cut a bit later. It's short and layered, I love it. Later that afternoon I left for Andalusia with the family to go watch my brother's baseball game. I did that once again Saturday and today. Luckily Sarah accompanied me and then we ate at Larry's BBQ and then shopped a bit at Goody's. I'm going back tomorrow for possibly the last baseball game.

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